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Before You Apply:

Terms: EDO, Non-EDO, Exhibitor, and Sponsor


  • An EDO typically represents a U.S. state, territory, region, tribe and/or locality that conducts economic development activities in support of their community.
  • All EDOs must apply and be approved by SelectUSA to receive EDO exhibitor designation and pricing at the Investment Summit.

The Exhibition Hall at the SelectUSA Investment Summit is the premier opportunity for U.S. state, territorial, tribal, regional, and local EDOs to share opportunities directly with international investors.

An EDO wishing to amplify their presence at the Investment Summit may also participate as a sponsor.


We welcome participation in the Exhibition Hall from service providers and other associations or organizations. A service provider is a company that advises or facilitates a firm’s investment decisions on legal matters, tax issues, site selection, etc. A trade/business association that facilitates investment may also participate as an exhibitor or sponsor.


Approved organizations may purchase an exhibit booth within the Exhibition Hall. The purchase price of a booth is different for EDOs and non-EDOs and is listed within the Sponsor and Exhibitor Opportunities.


Organizations may select to gain amplified exposure outside of an exhibit booth through sponsorships. Organizations can sponsor at the diamond, gold, silver, and bronze levels, each of which include virtual exhibit booths and additional full conference passes. Please see the sponsor offerings in the Sponsor and Exhibitor Opportunities.

Cost of Exhibiting

For more information on costs and what is included, please view the Sponsor and Exhibitor Opportunities.

Apply to Exhibit or Sponsor