2023 SelectUSA Investment Summit
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June 7-11, 2021


Where to Network at the SelectUSA Investment Summit?

  • Meet in person in the networking area of the Exhibition Hall.
  • Connect on the Virtual Platform and Networking App to schedule one-on-one meetings with attendees.
  • Visit the Economic Development Organizations (EDOs) and Service Providers in the Exhibition Hall.
  • Interact with panelists during the Investment Academy Sessions.
  • Meet with fellow participants during Networking Breakfasts and various receptions listed on the Investment Summit Agenda.

SelectUSA Investment Summit Virtual Platform

The SelectUSA Investment Summit Virtual Platform and Networking App is a networking tool for Investment Summit attendees to schedule meetings with participating international companies, economic development organizations (EDOs), government agencies, service providers, and other event sponsors. By arranging meetings with key participants in advance of the Investment Summit, attendees can make the most of their time and accomplish months' worth of networking in a few short days on site.

Why Use the Virtual Platform?

Connect, network, and keep a record of all your meetings at the SelectUSA Investment Summit.
  • Save time with advanced search functions
  • Conduct market research
  • Connect with our SelectUSA Investment Specialists
  • Schedule meetings prior to the event

SelectUSA Investment Summit is an excellent networking platform. We were given a chance to meet with a number of high profile people we simply would not have access to otherwise. Highly recommend it to those who are interested in investing in the US and building relationships both at Federal and State levels.
- 2022 Investment Summit Participant

Note: The Virtual Platform has both chat and video call functionalities available. You will also be assigned a table number for when you are meeting on site.

Who Uses the Virtual Platform?

Only approved Investment Summit attendees who opt into sharing their information in their Investment Summit application will have access to the Virtual Platform.

How to Use the Virtual Platform?


All applicants who are approved to attend the Investment Summit will have access to the Virtual Platform. Information provided in your Investment Summit application will be used to help build your personal and company profiles on the platform, and you will be asked to confirm your participation in networking at the end of your application.

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to participate in networking, you will need to agree to share your basic details with other participants. Opting out will mean that you will not be searchable in the Virtual Platform and cannot connect with other Investment Summit attendees through the platform.


All approved Investment Summit attendees will receive instructions in Spring 2023 to begin scheduling meetings in the Virtual Platform. Approved attendees should ensure that the information on their personal profile (and company profile, where applicable) is correct and complete to maximize their experience with the platform.


The Virtual Platform will enable attendees to identify and meet with potential partners while participating in the Investment Summit. Once participants log into the Investment Summit Virtual Platform and update their profile, they can search and filter for economic development organizations, companies, or service providers who can help move their investment goals forward.