2023 SelectUSA Investment Summit
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June 7-11, 2021

2016 Videos

Main Overview Video

Plenary 1 The United States – Global Innovation Starts Here

Plenary 2 – Risk-Taking and Resilience

Plenary 3 – Access to Capital and the Future of Funding

Plenary 4 – Reimagining the Role of Technology in Business

Welcome Address – The Honorable Jacob L Lew

Keynote – President Barack Obama

Governor Butch Otter Remarks

Building a Winning Strategy for Investing in the U.S.

The Honorable Steny Hoyer and the Honorable Michael Froman

Closing Remarks – The Honorable John Kerry

Closing Remarks – The Honorable Tom Vilsack

Armchair 1 – Going In-Depth on Investment Strategy

Armchair 2 – Empowered to Innovate in the United States

Breakout 1A – Partnering to Build the Workforce of Tomorrow

Breakout 1B – Welcome to the United States – Visas and Beyond

Breakout 1C – Cultivating Top Talent – Innovation and Collaboration

Breakout 2A – Everyday Innovation Optimizing Production

Breakout 2B – Green Fields – Agribusiness and Food Processing

Breakout 2C – Blue Skies – Pharmaceuticals and Biotech

Breakout 3A The Future of Retail – The Integrated Shopping Experience

Breakout 3B Growing Your Customer Base – The U.S. as an Export Platform


Breakout 3C Market Entry – Picking the Right Place at the Right Time