SelectUSA Investment Summit
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June 7-11, 2021

Apply to Exhibit or Sponsor

Before You Apply:

Terms: EDO, Non-EDO, Exhibitor, and Sponsor

Economic Development Organizations (EDOs)

  • An EDO typically represents a U.S. state, territory, region, tribe and/or locality that conducts economic development activities in support of their community.
  • All EDOs must apply and be approved by SelectUSA to receive EDO exhibitor designation and pricing at the Investment Summit.

The Exhibition Hall at the SelectUSA Investment Summit is the premier opportunity for U.S. state, territorial, tribal, regional, and local EDOs to share opportunities directly with international investors.

An EDO wishing to amplify their presence at the Investment Summit may also participate as a sponsor.


We welcome participation in the Exhibition Hall from service providers and other associations or organizations. A service provider is a company that advises or facilitates a firm’s investment decisions on legal matters, tax issues, site selection, etc. A trade/business association that facilitates investment may also participate as an exhibitor or sponsor.


Approved organizations may purchase an exhibit booth within the Exhibition Hall. The purchase price of a booth is different for EDOs and non-EDOs and is listed within the pricing section below.


Organizations may select to gain amplified exposure outside of an exhibit booth through sponsorships. Organizations can sponsor at the diamond, gold, silver, and bronze levels, each of which include virtual exhibit booths and additional full conference passes. Please see the sponsor offerings below.

Exhibitor and Sponsor Application Process

All organizations must apply to exhibit or sponsor and will be vetted. All applicants should follow the steps below:

Step 1: Apply to Exhibit or Sponsor

Exhibitor or Sponsor applicants who have applied and received confirmation of acceptance may proceed to step 2.

Apply to Exhibit or Sponsor

Step 2: Submit Contract

Once an exhibitor or sponsor has received confirmation of acceptance by SelectUSA, event management will reach out to the contact on file to confirm participation with an exhibition or sponsorship contract. Each exhibiting or sponsoring organization must complete a contract to participate. You will be contacted within 15 business days of submitting your initial application.

Step 3: Access your Exhibitor Portal

Once a contract is signed, the organization’s point of contact will receive a link to their exhibitor or sponsor portal. Information in the portal includes the exhibitor kit, link to register personnel, invoice, payment options, etc. Exhibitors and sponsors will also be able to upload their logo, organization description, PDFs, videos, and any other materials through this portal. Virtual Exhibitor portals will be available starting in December 2021.

Step 4: Review Resources for Exhibitors and Sponsors

Review the Resources for Exhibitors and Sponsors page on this website for details about exhibiting and sponsoring.

Resources for Exhibitors and Sponsors

Step 5: Register Booth/Sponsorship Personnel

All personnel should apply via the attendee registration link. The exhibitor/sponsor portal listed above will contain comp codes to register any complementary virtual exhibitor or sponsor staff (please note that an application must be completed and vetted for each person who will be attending the Investment Summit). Codes will be included for any virtual Exhibition Hall-only personnel included with your booth, as well as any tickets included with a sponsorship package. Additional personnel passes are available at the full conference rate. All personnel must go through the application and vetting process to receive access to the Investment Summit virtual platform.

If you would like to register more than one person, simply click on the “Register Another” button at the end of each individual application. When individuals are registered via one account in this manner, the account holder has access to the application status of all associated personnel.

Registration through exhibitor/sponsor portal coming soon.

Step 6: Participate in Networking

All approved registrants may participate in the networking platform. Once a participant has been approved, they will receive an email with details on the networking process. The networking platform will launch in Spring 2022.

Cost of Exhibiting

EDO Pricing (must be approved)

10 x 10 EDO (Approved EDOs Only) | US$1075
10 x 20 EDO (Approved EDOs Only) | US$2150

Non-EDO Pricing (must be approved)

Approved Corporations and Associations Only | US$7050

Included with the Cost

Pipe and drape dividing the booth spaces are included with the booth.
  • 2 complimentary Exhibition Hall passes per booth (no matter the booth size).
  • The complimentary passes are for the Exhibition Hall only and do not include the Investment Summit, however, networking is included.
  • Virtual Exhibit Booth
  • 2 attendee pass for the Investment Summit virtual platform

Items that are Sold Separately

  • Full-access Investment Summit passes over the allotted number provided with the booth or sponsorship package are sold separately.
  • Booth services such as carpet, electricity, internet, booth furniture, booth cleaning, etc. must be purchased separately through the conference decorator (additional information about options and fees will be available on the event website in the exhibitor kit).

Sponsor and Exhibitor Prospectus

Sponsorship Packages

Please see the Exhibitor and Sponsor Prospectus for additional sponsorship opportunities.

  Diamond Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
  $37,500 $31,900 $26,750 $17,750 $11,900
Investment Summit Registrations
(including Matchmaking)

7 badges

6 badges

4 badges

3 badges

2 badges
Plenary Sessions Preferred Seats
10 seats

5 seats

5 seats

2 seats

2 seats
Logo & Recognition on SelectUSA Investment Summit Website
Virtual Exhibit Booth with Premier Labeling
Logo Printed on Selected On-Site Banners and Signage
Banner Ad on SelectUSA Investment Summit Website
30-45 Second Video Played During...
Plenary Session

Investment Academy
2 Minute "SelectUSA Road to the Summit Video"
Logo in Pre-Investment Summit Promotional Emails
Promoted as a “Must-Visit” on the SelectUSA Exhibition Hall Passport
Logo in Know-Before-You-Go Guide
Acknowledgement & PowerPoint Slide Featured Prior to Plenary Session
Opportunity to Provide One-Page Flyer to be Provided to Attendees at On-Site Registration
1 Push Notification (Provided by Sponsor) to the Attendees Using the Investment Summit Virtual Platform

Additional Sponsorships

  • Hotel Key Card Sponsor: US$25,000 (exclusive)
  • Registration Sponsor: US$25,000 (exclusive)
  • Virtual/Mobile Platform Sponsor: US$20,000 (sold)
  • Charging Lounge Sponsor: US$15,000 (exclusive)
  • Select Global Women in Tech Sponsor: US$15,000 (3 available)
  • SelectUSA Passport Official Sponsor: US$15,000 (exclusive)
  • SelectUSA Tech Sponsor: US$15,000 (3 available)
  • Agenda Digital Display Sponsor: US$12,000 (exclusive)
  • Breakfast Sponsors: US$12,000 (2 available/day)
  • Break Sponsors: US$8,000 (3 available/day)