2018 Call for Proposals

The call for proposals has now closed.

Thank you to everyone who submitted ideas. We will be in touch in early 2018 with notifications. If you have questions in the meantime, please email customer service.

Review Process:

Each proposal will be rated based on the following criteria:

  • Complete Proposal – Is the proposal fully filled out? Do the title, description, and speakers align?
  • Relevant to SelectUSA client audience – Does the submitting organization have experience assisting SelectUSA clients (foreign firms or EDOs) in matters related to U.S. investment activity? Is the submitting organization a SelectUSA client? Has the submitting organization successfully invested in the U.S.?
  • Would the proposal further the objectives of the Summit and contribute to knowledge of investing in the United States?
  • Is the goal of the proposal in line with the mission and objectives of the International Trade Administration or the Department of Commerce more broadly?
  • Geographically neutral – Does the proposal conform to geographic neutrality (e.g. the proposal does not improperly promote one U.S. location over another)?
  • Generally neutral – Does the proposal avoid promotion of a single company or association?

Submission Policy:

All sessions will be presented in a panel discussion format with a moderator and up to four (4) additional speakers. While it is not necessary for proposal submitters to suggest speakers, SelectUSA does welcome your thoughts and ideas. Submitters may suggest a single speaker for their session proposal, but note that if the proposal and speaker are accepted, SelectUSA will populate the rest of the panel with other relevant experts.

All sessions will be recorded and will be open press unless otherwise noted.

An individual will only be selected to speak on one session, however, organizations can be represented on multiple levels. Individuals and organizations are encouraged to submit multiple proposals on various topics.

For all session presentations, a maximum of five suggested individuals (including the moderator) is permitted, but proposals may also be submitted with a single speaker or with no speakers associated.

You will receive notification of acceptance or rejection via email in early Spring 2018.  SelectUSA and the Department of Commerce reserves the right to edit, combine, use all or portions of submissions for Summit programming (including, but not limited to, speaker selection).