SelectUSA Investment Summit
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June 7-11, 2021

Startup Pitching Sessions

Industry sessions offered include the following categories:
  • CleanTech
  • Cybersecurity
  • eCommerce & Retail Tech
  • FinTech
  • MedTech
  • Software
  • Other

The 2022 SelectUSA Investment Summit will also feature regional pitching sessions. Startups who win an in-market pitching event in their country or region, held in select markets in the months leading up to the Investment Summit, will receive an invite to compete against other winners from their region during the Investment Summit.

Companies in all pitching sessions will make their pitch in front of an audience of Investment Summit attendees and a panel of 3-4 judges, including venture capitalists, corporate investors, representatives from startup ecosystems, and industry experts. All pitches are limited to four minutes, followed by two minutes of Q&A from the panel.

Startup Pitching Session Winners

  1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Regional Sessions
Africa & Middle East Dots Soil (Israel) Steer Campaign (Jordan) TradeBrics (South Africa)
Asia-Pacific PiQuant (South Korea) MAEKO (Malaysia) SomJot (Cambodia)
Europe Likvor (Sweden) Celus (Germany) Stratox Cloud Native (Czech Republic)
Western Hemisphere Thummi (Brazil) PolyNatural (Chile) Agilpagos (Argentina)
Industry Sessions
CleanTech Continest (Hungary) SunGreenH 2 (Singapore) Shiok Meats Pte LTD (Singapore)
CyberSecurity Lydsec Digital Technology Co (Taiwan) Flexxon Holdings Private Limited (Singapore) Cyscale (Romania)
eCommerce+Retail Expivi (Netherlands) betterECO (Germany) Dabchy (Tunisia)
FinTech LOQR (Portugal) Salarium (Romania) Unfrauded (Tunisia)
MedTech Astron MedTech (Taiwan) CancerFree Biotech (Taiwan) Breathonix (Singapore)
Other Tevel Aerobotics Technologies (Israel) Legitary (Austria) Gastronomous (Canada)
Software DocDigitizer (Portugal) SueApp (Israel) Haris Digital (Hungary)

Judging the SelectUSA Tech Startup Pitch Sessions

Startups accepted to pitch will receive further guidance from SelectUSA on how pitches will be judged before the Investment Summit.

Pitches will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Management Team – Does the startup’s leadership and advisory team demonstrate experience and competence?
  • Product Strength – What problem does the product/service solve? Is it practical and scalable? What makes it different from others on the market?
  • Market Analysis – Is there a genuine need for the product/service? How well-defined is the target market?
  • Business Model – How does the company plan to become profitable? Is there a developed business plan and traction?
  • U.S. Market Readiness – Does the startup demonstrate their product/service is ready for the U.S. market? Have they clearly thought through their market entry strategy and/or what their next steps are?
  • Presentation Flow – Was the presenter compelling and concise? Did the pitch adhere to the time limit?
  • Responses to Questions – Was the presenter prepared to answer judges’ questions?