2020 SelectUSA Investment Summit
June 6-9, 2021
Washington, DC
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About the Investment Summit

June 6-9, 2021 | Washington, D.C.

2021 SelectUSA Investment Summit

The SelectUSA Investment Summit is the highest-profile event dedicated to promoting foreign direct investment (FDI) in the United States. The Investment Summit plays a vital role in attracting and facilitating business investment and job creation by raising awareness about the wide range of investment opportunities in the United States and enabling vital direct connections between investors and U.S. economic development organizations (EDOs).

Each Investment Summit focuses on the U.S. investment environment, industry trends, and new opportunities. Additionally, the Investment Summit features senior government officials, C-Suite business executives, and other thought leaders.

The 2019 SelectUSA Investment Summit was one of SelectUSA's largest, drawing more than 3,100 attendees to Washington, D.C. Several new announcements were made, including nearly $100 million in new investment projects and the release of SelectUSA's case-study report on reshoring in the United States. In total, 1,200 business investors from a record 79 international markets joined economic developers from 49 states and territories.

The next SelectUSA Investment Summit returns to Washington, D.C. on June 6-9, 2021. The 2021 Investment Summit will build on the success of 2019, including a return of the SelectUSA Tech program, Industry Spotlights, and the dynamic mobile networking app. Topics ranging from infrastructure to workforce development will once again feature prominent industry experts and government officials. In short: You don't want to miss it. Stay tuned for updates and sign up for latest information!

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2019 Investment Summit Highlights

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When and Where?

June 6 – 9, 2021
Washington, D.C. 20009

Who should attend?

Representatives from the following types of organizations will greatly benefit from attending the SelectUSA Investment Summit:
  • Investors, including representatives of international businesses of all sizes, that are seeking to establish or expand operations in the United States
  • Representatives of U.S. economic development organizations
  • Representatives from U.S. state and local governments
  • Advisors, service providers, companies, chambers of commerce, and associations facilitating FDI into the United States

Why attend?


The United States is a land of diverse opportunities; our consumer market, our workers, our technology, and our resources are vast and varied. This diversity means there are opportunities for start-ups, medium-sized enterprises, and multinationals.

The SelectUSA Investment Summit is a time-saving mechanism for investors who are interested in establishing or expanding operations in the United States. Take advantage of these opportunities:
  • Networking - Connect with fellow investors, service providers, and government officials who may share tools, tricks of the trade and lessons learned about investing in the United States.
  • Matchmaking - Set up meetings with economic development professionals, service providers, and government leaders through our robust online matchmaking program.
  • Education - Learn more about how, where, and why to invest in the United States. Hear about innovative resources and incentives directly from federal, state, and local officials.

Economic Development Organizations (EDOs)

The Investment Summit is the primary event where U.S. economic development organizations can meet over 1,000 investors who are seeking to establish or expand their business operations in the United States. Take advantage of these opportunities:
  • Networking - Connect with other economic developers, service providers, and government officials who may share tools and information to help you attract more investment locally.
  • Matchmaking - Set up meetings with investors through our online matchmaking program.
  • Education - Learn about the latest investment trends and resources to help you more effectively reach investors.
  • Promotion - Showcase the advantages of your location in the Exhibition Hall.

How to Apply

Demand to attend is high and space is limited. Those who wish to attend the SelectUSA Investment Summit must submit an application. Qualified applications will be accepted based on the overall balance of attendees with respect to the source market and participant type.

Coming soon: application process and attendee information.

Agenda Overview

The official agenda will feature the SelectUSA Investment Academy, plenary sessions, and networking events.

SelectUSA Investment Summit

June 6-9, 2021
The 2021 SelectUSA Investment Summit will feature a variety of topics and speakers on the main stage and in academy sessions over the course of three days. The main stage will showcase high-profile CEOs, senior executives, and U.S. government leaders who set the tone for business trends and investment policies in the United States.

The SelectUSA Investment Academy is comprised of sessions designed specifically for investors and economic development organization (EDO) representatives who want to gain actionable insight into the U.S. investment environment. Focused, thematic sessions featuring  government and industry expert practitioners, provide companies with practical tools and strategies for all stages of the investment process and provide EDOs with resources and best practices for FDI attraction.

The 2021 Call for Speakers closed on October 18, 2019.

SelectUSA Tech Spotlight

June 7, 2021
Startup tech companies from across the world will have the opportunity to exhibit their products and tell their stories on Monday June 7, 2021. In addition to exhibiting, startups will have the opportunity to apply to give a 15 minute pitch in front of a panel of judges made up of venture capitalists and corporate investors.

Exhibition Hall

June 6-8, 2021
The Exhibition Hall at the SelectUSA Investment Summit highlights U.S. state, territorial, tribal, regional, and local EDOs that have opportunities for international investors. The Hall also highlights service providers who have opportunities that are valuable to international investors as they invest in the U.S.

Spinoff Events

Outside of June 6 – 9, 2021
We encourage all SelectUSA Investment Summit participants to extend their stay in the United States and travel to a variety of local communities to connect with their economic developers, business leaders, and experts, while exploring promising investment opportunities in some of the most dynamic industries in the United States.

Collateral Events

June 6-9, 2021
The SelectUSA Investment Summit “State & Local Night” reception and other private receptions offer ample opportunity to network. Any event held during the SelectUSA Investment Summit in the Washington, D.C. area and hosted by an outside group with the support of SelectUSA is considered a SelectUSA Investment Summit Collateral Event.

If you are interested in hosting a reception or networking event on the margins of the Investment Summit and would like to advertise that event with SelectUSA’s assistance, please submit your event proposal below for consideration by Thursday, April 1, 2021. The sooner you submit your event for consideration, the better SelectUSA can help you.

Simultaneous Interpretation

  • Plenary/General Session - SelectUSA will provide simultaneous interpretation for all plenary/main stage sessions in Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Vietnamese.
  • Other Languages - SelectUSA will consider offering interpretation services in other languages based on demand.
  • Investment Academy Sessions & Matchmaking - There will be no interpretation provided for the Investment Academy or matchmaking meetings.
  • Personal Interpreter - Applicants may bring their own personal interpreter but the interpreter must apply, register, and pay to attend. Interpreters will have access to all events, enabling them to accompany their executive during the Investment Summit.